A youtube video from the voxel game prototype I built on my Glow3D engine some time ago. The idea was something like the original Zelda game (isometric, adventure, but on voxels). Art from the video was created by Sir carma. I built a parser of the MagicaVoxel file format and updated significantly the source code I created for the Iron Cube game. Support for nVidia HBAO+ and nVidia Shadows was added using Shadow Works middleware to improve picture quality. nVidia HBAO+ is Screen space ambient occlusion technology to emulate global illumination and I gave up on creating my own implementation of SSAO (at least for some time). I have some support for shadows in the engine but I didn’t have efficient Cascaded Shadow Maps at that time and decided to use nVidia libraries instead. It’s efficient and used in many modern games.

MagicaVoxel is a nice voxel editor and renderer, created by @ephtracy. He basically did the 3D Studio Max alone but only for voxel graphics. The sound used for the video is Medieval Introduction.