Walkalble visualization of the Ministry of Textile of my home country - I worked on a project with Bouygues Construction, French multinational. The goal was a demonstration of a future buildings to clients.

The whole building:

The room of the minister:

The building was build in 2004


Dynamic stencil shadows, some character animations (and Doom textures)

Initial networking:


The “Tubes” demo, built for one of the Intel game dev competition. Deferred shading, dynamic shadows with shadow maps, particles etc.

Full trailer:


“I know Your Deeds” game demo, 1st and 2nd place winner of Intel Level Up game dev competiton - landscape, foliage, grass, dynamic time of day.

Playing with dynamic navigation meshes:

“Little Zombie Susie” game demo, not finished submission to IGF:


Little engine and demo, optimized to run on Samsung TVs of that time:


Voxel tank game “Iron Cube”, wild mix of Minecraft and World of Tanks:


Little game, prepared in 2 days for Ludumdare competition:

HBAO - ambient occlusion:


Voxel game prototype, made in collaboration with @Sir_carma: