I started new game prototype - “Tarta”. Video from first prototype (built in 3 weeks):

Currently prototype has next features:

  • random infinitive voxel world, based on Perlin and Simplex noise.
  • ability to change landscape (add/remove voxel or by volumes - boxes, spheres etc)
  • day/night loop.
  • physics by PhysX (F5 should be pressed to enable it)
  • HDR,  lense flare, dynamic shadows, reflective/refractive water, Deferred Shading from Glow engine.

It’s obviously inspired by Minecraft, but goes in different direction. It will be more survival oriented, with various enemies and with more shooter/adventure elements, plus massive usage of terra-morphing in gameplay. Current gameplay document contains several pages of various ideas.

One more video with results of volume (sphere) extraction from voxel landscape:

I spent some time for looking to Minecraft clones, everybody tries to make exact clone, but with uglier/beautifuler graphics. Add sophisticated shaders, Depth Of Field, Dynamic Clouds, SSAO, you name it, and BAMP - you have millions in your pocket. (but maker of Minecraft Fortress already had it). Most interesting are

But gameplay possibilities of voxel engine are infinitive. I specially didn’t play Minecraft previously, to eliminate any possibility of copying ideas.

Later I will post first prototype here.