Today I finished game demo for Intel Level Up 2009, it costs me 3 nights without sleep. Somethings remain non implemented, but overall picture is good.
I will prepare big video and demo later.
here is small video about dynamic navigation meshes in my engine

It’s based on TileMesh, and fast. Building whole level (300x300) in separate thread in 5 seconds on single core PC, tile size 32. Dont look to fps, this is deferred shading plus old PC
here is how it works: <ul><li>render static mesh, memorize static mesh

  • render dynamic objects, memorize objects per tile
  • when object moved, add tile of old box of object to update list
  • if not moved object intersects with updated tile, it will be added to updating tile
  • render updated tiles with objects
  • connect tile into mesh (recast lib)