Fully functional, cross-platform game engine, written in C++

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Advanced rendering

Supports deferred and forward shading.
Targets DirectX 9, 11, OpenGL and OpenGL ES. High dynamic range shading, in linear space. Weather and day/night cycle, light scattering model for the sun. Full dynamic lighting and bump mapping. HBAO+, TXAA. Special effects: motion blur, color grading. Shadow cascades, Exponential Shadow Maps.

AI and Physics

Efficient pathfinding for dynamic environment powered by Recast technology. Navigation meshes are dynamic and can be updated by moving objects. Multi-layered animation system. State machines for AI. Rigid body and multi-jointed constructions. Thousands of different physical entities simulated per frame.

Fully featured Editor

Undo/redo, drag and drop for assets, support for "fbx", "3ds", "obj" 3D model formats, asset + project explorer, hot-reloading of assets, in-place gaming, Cinematic editor, flexible UI.


Engine is still actively developed.